Simply Me

556648_10201947973961960_1464029800_nHere is where I am going to tell you about myself. I am a 24 years old. I am an animal lover to the core. I have 1 cat, his name is Harley. I dream of becoming Vegan one day. I have an addictions to coffee, crafting, and social media. What better way to feed my addiction to social media by starting a new blog all about my life. I am a nanny of 1 year old twins. I also am a small business owner. I have the privilege to own a business with my best friend. We run the business from two states with no problems. You can find us on Facebook or on Etsy.  

I grew up in Michigan as a child. I have 4 younger brothers from ages 23-18. Yes we are all really close in age. It made for some fun times growing up. When I was 16 I moved to Missouri where I meet some of the most amazing and influential people in my life. At 23 I got the opportunity of a life time. I was asked by the people I nanny for to move with them half way across the country to South Carolina. After lots of thoughts, prayers, and conversations with others I decided to go. This was was one of the hardest decisions i’ve ever had to make. My friends and church family, everything I knew was in Missouri. My best friends where their. After praying about it I knew it was right to move. It still didn’t make it any easier to leave. Nor does it make it easy to be away from everyone IMG_0892anytime.

South Carolina is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been too. There are more trees in this town than most. The people are very nice everywhere I go. They will even stop while driving down the street to let someone over or turn. That has some taken some getting used to. I am some what of an aggressive driver. I did learn to drive in Missouri though. Ill blame it on that. I do have a couple of complaints thought. On the weekends nothing opens until at least 10am. I am a 6am on Saturday morning errand kind of person. As well as everything closes early every night of the week. There is one more thing there are not many street lights here. Its so dark when you drive around.

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