a weekened in the life…


This week was different than most. I worked until almost 8pm so I didn’t go anywhere or do much of anything after I got off. I ate left over spaghetti and meatballs and watch an episode of keeping up with the Kardashin’s that has been on the DVR since the beginning of January. While watching the Kardashian’s I pinned a few things on Pinterest. All of them were detox related. I have never done a detox, however there is one in the near future. I then went to bed and watch and episode of Bones and was in bed by 10:30. I am one really exciting person, just wait till you hear about the rest of the weekend.


Saturday morning I woke up and had all of these plans to go to Starbucks or breakfast somewhere where I could work on blog and website stuff. Well that all changed when we decided to all go out for breakfast. The plan was to then go to the zoo, however that quickly changed. We began the journey to find size 4 hard soled shoes for babies. The twins have small feet, they wear a 9-12months size in shoe. Size 4 shoes are really hard to find, whats even harder is finding two pair that match or coordinate that are size 4. What a challenge. We went to Academy and the mall looking for shoes. We ended up with one pair of Nike’s (have to order the second pair), two pairs of Toms, and two pairs of Sperry’s. We then done some other shopping around the mall. I found a pair of Madden Girl shoes that look similar to Toms for $13 originally $35. They actually look and feel like wearing Toms. I have 5 pairs of the real thing and wouldn’t have bought them if they weren’t comparable. That was the only deal I got at the mall. Once we were done at the mall we picked up Chiefs wing to go, and attempted to put the twins down for a nap. They had other plans they talked and laughed at each other instead. It was very cute to watch over the monitor. Once the girls woke up Heather the girls and I went on to target to take advantage of their buy one get on 50% off bathing suit sale. I bought one. I like it but I do not love it. I may take it back. I was able to get the entire suite for $31. Which is an incredible price on a bathing suite. We also got suites for the twins and a few other items including things for their Easter baskets. After Target we then went to Sams to get Chocolate for Roman. He eats more chocolate than anyone I know. He eats 1-3 Hersey’s with almonds a day. While at Sam’s I found a couple other amazing deals. I was able to get a Design History Dress originally $108 for $17 as well as a limited cardigan originally $45 for $12. I never knew Sam’s carried such good deals on clothing. I’ve always walked past them. We then got a few things that we needed there and headed home. The highlight of my night was when I opened the box of raisins we got for the girls and they were eating them out of my hand like birds. After that the girls we to bed, I fixed their dad’s phone case and then went to bed myself. I didn’t even turn a show on to watch last night.


This time change was rough on me this year. Usually they do not affect me at all. I woke up way late for church and wasn’t able to do anything with my hair other than a pony tail. Church was great. Pastor Jai’s Dad preached this morning about the second coming (rapture). It was a message that I hadn’t heard since I moved from Missouri to South Carolina. It was nice to hear that message in a different light by someone new. After church I had a few errands, I had to get tissues, cat litter, and a few other things. After that I drove around for a few minutes before deciding to get Wendy’s for lunch. As I was getting my lunch I get a phone call from heather that they cant find one of their cats. They looked up an down the house for him and even started looking outside. I had already ordered my food at that point so I needed to go ahead and wait for it. When I get home they tell me that he either got out when I left for church or the night before. I always check for cats when I leave the house, because they are sneaky little things. Well I know I checked but if he left this morning he must have somehow gotten past me. I feel bad that he could have gotten out when I left. I walked up and down the streets of our neighborhood at least 5 times. We have not found him yet so I will be looking again tomorrow and every chance I can this week. I pray that we find him. Once it got to dark to look for him I made a few posters to hang up around the neighborhood.

Some would say I had a pretty eventful weekend. Well I did in a way, though I still haven’t gotten any work down on my Etsy page in the last month or so because I cannot seem to find the time to write and edit. So 2:00am has become the time to work on things until I become tired.

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