My 5 Favorites Things

1. Crochet hook and yarn

These two go together because you could do much with either without the other. I made and sell all kinds of things with yarn including all the hats that I have for sale on my Etsy page. I also make other things with yarn and a crochet hook.

2. Scentsy warmer

I currently own three full size warmers and two plug in warmers. I recieved my first two as gifts. One of those caught on fire because I used the wrong kind of light bulb. It was completely my fault. I still have the other. It is one of my plug-ins. I have A white plug-in, as well as a zebra plug-in. As far as the full-size ones I have a white one that looks like vintage lace, a grey one that looks like ancient Greek pottery, and a light house one. The Light House one is my favorite though i’ve never used it. I happened to host a party on a month where I could purchase full-size clearance warmers for $5 a piece and some of them were gifts. The only one I paid full price for was the zebra plug-in. And when I purchased that one I got free scents. I also have about 30 different scents to go in them. #addictedImage

3. Straw cups

They are so practical. I can take a drink to go, or have it at home. They twins or I cannot spill it. As well as they cannot stick their little hands in my drink.

4. Netflix

For $7.99 a month I can watch tv shows and movies whenever I want on my Wii, iPad, phone, and other places throughout the day. I most likely get more use out of that $8 than most people do. I watch at least 2 hours a day on their, some weekends I have netflix marathons.

5. Summer

I do not like cold weather. I just moved to South Carolina from Missouri last August. Everyone keeps telling me that I am not going to like how hot and humid it gets here in the summer. However they don’t know that Missouri is just as bad in the summer. It very hot (95+ with extreme humidity) all summer. I don’t mind that. I would rather sweat than be cold any day. Bring it on.

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