Childrens TV Shows

Lets be real here. We all hate watching cartoons. We do it for the children. They love the oddest things. The twins beg to watch Elmo, however that is the one show I just cannot stand very often even for them. We only watch it about once a week. I do not like that they all use baby talk. Their favorite show is really a short in between shows called Big Block Sing Song. That one I will turn on YouTube and let them watch all 60 minutes of them. I’m not the biggest fan of children watching TV to begin with so I limit what and how much when I am watching them. Through my experience TV is a great “baby sitter” while you do the dishes or want to go to the bathroom by yourself. However I have decided that my children will not watch TV until they are much older.

Some other cartoons they watch include Mickey Mouse Club House, Sophia the First, Jake and the Never-land Pirates, Doc McStuffins, Veggie Tales, and whatever’s one Disney or PBS when the TV’s turned on.

Some things I do with them when I turn the tv off include; Play with toys, flash cards, puzzles, go out side, go for walks, and our favorite turn the music on and dance around like crazy.

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