Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste: First Impression

photo(11)At my Whole Foods Trip to get cat food yesterday I remembered that I was almost out of toothpaste. Dangerously low, only one use left. So when walking around I spotted the Tom’s of Maine toothpaste down the isle. I liked that it was natural and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. I’ve always bought Cologate or Syensodyne toothpaste. I didn’t like that the are filled with all sorts of things that anyone should consume. I went with this particular one because it was on sale and it was whitening. I used it last night and was impressed. The taste is better than any other toothpaste I’ve used, and my teeth were clean. I may have found my new favorite toothpaste. I will keep using it until it is gone, then decided.

Overall I say try it.

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