Animal Cruelty

Before I begin this, I need to say that I am not vegan yet in my life. At the beginning of the year I went completely vegetarian for two months. With my current situation being a live in nanny it is easier to eat whatever is made for dinner. I also cannot afford to purchase the groceries I would need at this time. As well as it is extremely hard to cook vegan food for one, when it doesn’t keep well as leftovers. I am continuing to do meatless Monday’s as well as other days of the week when I see fit. If I eat meat of animal products it is usually only once a day. I do not and haven’t in a long time consumed cows milk. This is more of health reasons that animal cruelty reasons however with all my research I have found that i am for both sides of not drinking cows milk. My goal is to become Vegan one day. And also raise my children that way.

There are many videos that you can watch on YouTube or Netflix such as A diet for a new America, the china study, forks over knifes, and more. These videos talk about what happens to the animals as well as why animal products are bad for your body and the environment.

Cows:At birth they are ripped from their mother after they are just hours old. Male calves are taken to holding pins where they are tied up and fed a low-fat liquid diet until they are about 5 months of age then they are taken to slaughter to become veal. Female calves are fed a diet to make them grow and gain weight rapidly so they can become old enough to give birth. Once they’re old enough to give birth they are kept pregnant until they know loner produce milk. Having their babies ripped from them over and over again so we can have cows milk. Once cows are done producing milk they are sent to slaughter to make hamburger. Almost all cows are kept in extremely tight quarters and fed GMO fill food that makes them grow much faster than they would naturally.

Chickens: Chickens are kept in a couple of ways they are either stuffed into their own cage that they cannot even more in or in a giant room that they cannot move in because there are to many chickens in the room. When they are baby chicks they are sorted between male and female. The males are typically put in some sort of bin and killed or left to starve. Female chickens beaks are clipped so they do not peck each other when put in the giant over crowded room. These chickens are feed a diet of GMO filler that makes them grow twice to three times as fast as they would in nature, as well as they are at least double the size they would be in nature. When they are feed this diet, and grow so rapidly they cannot walk. They then are sitting in their own feces.

A majority of animals that are used for food are treated so very bad. There may be some differences in the way they are treated between the different factory farms, however they are still treated bad.

Makes me not want to eat meat ever again writing about it.

I encourage you to watch the videos and do the research for yourself, and make your own decisions. I am not the one to tell people how to live their lives or what to consume. You are your own person and you can make those choices for yourself.

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