Top 5 Pet Peeves

I don’t know if these are ll necessarily pet peeves but they all annoy me.

  1. Being told what to do: not like someone giving me directions, but someone telling me how do every day things that I already know how to do. Or someone telling me that I can or cant do something.
  2. shower curtains that are left open
  3. tangled yarn: all you crafters out their know what I’m talking about
  4. whining (adults and children)
  5. slow drivers: when the speed limit says 45 go 45 not 30. its pretty easy. Oh and don’t stop in the middle of traffic to let someone turn left. Really people do that where I live.

I would like to know even the best of us have issues and things that bother them. I for one know that I am not perfect, even though I try my best to be good (not perfect) I have my downfalls as well.

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1 Response to Top 5 Pet Peeves

  1. Jacquline says:

    Your list is very similar to mine. Although, I’d probably switch “shower curtains that are left open” with “people who scrape their silverware on their teeth.”

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