THIS WEEK….. What to say about this week….

You may think to your self she’s had a really good week. Lots of great posts. Well I had some of them pre-written. I knew this week was going to be long so I went ahead and drafted up a few to have on hand. Boy and I glad I did. I am way out of it even writing this. I have suffered from a very mild case of depression since I was very young. I was diagnosed before I was 10. I had some traumatic events happen to me when I was 4, and they cased the depression. They only way to describe how  I feel during this time is in a funk. but a funk that last several days. When I am in a funk I begin to think I am going to loose my job, I can’t function to much. All I want to do is sit around and watch TV. I went to a women’s conference at my church last night. I heard these stories of women who over came cancer, and cheating husbands. I now think that my problems do not seem like anything. Then I remember everyone has their own problems. When it comes down to it we cannot measure them against someone else. Different things happen to different people. The Devil wants to bring us down, but God will not allow anything to get to us that we cannot handle.


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