A room with a view

bedroom I’m sitting here in my room, on my bed. I look around and see gray walls, white trim, white curtains. Very simple at first. Then there is my wall art. I have a bunch of my paintings hanging on my walls. Since this image was taken I have rearranged the room some, I’m not the neatest person and I don’t hide it. They only room that I allow to get messy is my bedroom though. This room is the only room in the house that is just mine. I live with the people I nanny for.  This space is my sanctuary at times.

My biggest downfall taking care of laundry. I end up with a pile of clean laundry in and on the hamper and another pile of dirty laundry. A lot of the times its because i don’t have time to take care of them. I do not have any children of my own photo.phphowever I feel that it is different taking care of someones children versus your own. I would presume if they were my children it would be a much different routine. I feel that I have to be constantly doing activities with the girls and do not feel i can clean anything unless they are taking their two hour nap. So there for I’m a bit messy.

This is a room of someone who is artsy and who wants to go far, but doesn’t know how. All the pictures on the walls show off my talent. Even though I just criticize them. I am not very in with the styles everyone else is. I just follow what I like. My room has some aspects of what is popular and others that may not be so popular. It is about 75% me. Its not 100% me because I have things in this room that I wouldn’t ordinarily keep in my bedroom such as my book shelf and or my yarns shelves. Or all of my shoes that are taking over the floor of my closet. Or all the storage containers in my closet. Not to mention that I share my room with my cat. He isn’t allowed out of my room very much because he is a bully. He likes to pick on the others cats when they are sleeping.

Overall I feel like this room is a decent me space.

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