Social media has its goods and it’s bad’s. For me I haven’t had many bad experiences, I just don’t share everything in my life with everyone. Even with blogging and twitter I am still a relatively private person.


I’m not a huge fan of Facebook. I barely post on it. I look at it just about every day. I feel judged by what I post on Facebook, and its not the same educate as twitter is. You have to follow your family and those people that you aren’t really friends with, but you grew up with them. The people who didn’t like when you changed who you were and made the decision o follow a better path than they did. I am not like the people I grew up with as a child. I grew up in Saginaw Michigan. It is similar to the crime rate of Detroit most likely even worse. Not judging anyone for their decisions, I just made different ones and people didn’t like it.


Love it. I can add or block whom ever I want to and I can upload pictures. The downside for me is I don’t like to take pictures of everything I do. I’m sure there is someone out there that would love it if I did. However that is not happening. I am a very busy person there is no time for that.


I have had a twitter account since it came out. I was one of those people that jumped on the band waggon and signed up, however I only used it a few times here and there. More recently I started using twitter as my main social media site. I can tell Siri to post to Twitter for me, #hastags and all. I can get on there quick post something short and sweet and thats it. I also can follow so many differnet people such and celeberties, companies, and intereitng people as well as my friends. It was hard for me to get in the habit of posting to it, and I still have days when I forget. Over all I belive that Titter is the best of the three sites.

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