Being an Aunt


Bella&FaytheThe first-born was Isabella (Bella) she is pictured on the left then Faythe was born (on the right). I wasn’t sure how I felt when I was told I was going to be an Aunt for the first time. I wasn’t raised in a christian home. My brother wasn’t married, and he was my younger brother. I didn’t like the idea of him having a child before me. It actually hurt my feelings. I knew I wasn’t in a place to have children but I still didn’t want him to have any. Then the day she was born I was so happy to be an aunt I loved her so much, no one could mess with her or I would get very upset. Then I went through the same emotions when Faythe was born. I love these little girls to pieces.



Little DavidThis is Little David or David III I call him Little David. I was convinced he was going to be a girl when I found out that my brother was having a third child. He already had two girls, it was likely he would have another. Then it was a boy. I love having a nephew. This means there will be at least one little boy in our family. I love all three of these children as if they were my own. I have never met them. They live in Michigan and I live in South Carolina. Distance doesn’t matter. They are my family and I would do anything for them.

Being an Aunt has been one of the most wonderful, beautiful, and rewarding things I’ve ever been through.

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