Nap Time

IMG_0470Nap time was something that was tricky when I started my first nanny job over 4 years ago. The baby girl had to be rocked till she was well asleep and her older brother had to be put in his bed and you have to sit in there until he fell asleep. That was not pleasant. You loose time to clean up the house, make meals, or take a few minutes to sit down.

My next nanny job gave me some better in site and one of best thing I’ve ever taken away. The parents made nap time positive and they just told their little girl(pictured) it was nap time and she went down. It worked when I did it as well. To this day she still takes a great nap.

I had several short term nanny jobs between watching sis and the twins. My techniques did not work on all of them, most likely because I wasn’t with them long enough.

I started watching the twins when they were just 3 months old. They will be 18 months tomorrow. On the first day I watched them I started telling them things like “nap time” or “lets go take a nap” in a very positive tone. Now when I say it is nap time they get excited and run over to the gate to go upstairs and do a little happy dance. There is never any crying or fighting over nap time and never has been. We have days that aren’t as easy as others, those are usually due to teething. They may not always go to sleep right away, but never cry only laugh at each other and their stuffed bunnies.

Another important tip when it comes to nap times with multiples. It is important to get them on the same schedule as soon as you can. The twins were on the same eating schedule almost immediately and they aware sleeping on the same schedule by 4 months. Children and parents both need a scheduled nap time.

I’m here to answer and nap time questions you may have.

Tomorrows post weening pacifiers

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