Pacifier Weening

photo(1)I have not made the personal decision if I like pacifiers or not, that is something I will decided when I have my own children. I have watched children that have used them ans some that haven’t. I have only experienced pacifier weening twice, however they were both way different.

My First Experience

My first experience with pacifier weening was with Sis. She was two years old. Her parents did most of the work. They did it over a weekend. Their method was great for her though. They took her to Build-A-Bear and put all her favorite pacifiers in a stuffed kitty. They did this when she was two. She took it very well and still sleeps with that kitty to this day.

With The Twins

I wasn’t the biggest fan of them having pacifiers it was hard to keep track of two babies with them. I had them down to only having them at nap time. Then we moved half way across the country before their first birthday. We needed them for the plane and the travel so we didn’t disturb the other travelers. We then allowed them to have them pretty much whenever for the next week or two because of all the transitioning. They weren’t sure about the new house. Once we got all of their stuff in its place was easier to go back to nap time only. At the beginning on this year they were about 14 months old. I was ready to get rid of them. I began thinking of a plan and deciding on a date. One day they began throwing their pacifiers out of their cribs and crying until I gave them back. That was it for me. I only went through that about two days.

The day I took them away we looked all over their room and the house. I had them help me, put them in a box. I talked to them the whole time about how they were still little girls but they are getting bigger and it was time to put the pacifiers away. I have no idea if they really understood what I was saying, though i felt it was important to explain it to them anyways.

The first day was very rough I actually broke down and gave them back. They cried so hard and for so long I was afraid they wouldn’t nap at all. The second day I was stronger and they did much better. They cried for a little while but then went to sleep. From the third day on they slept through their naps with not pacifiers. After a week of naps with no pacifiers their mom was ready to try it at night. Night one and two were a bit rough, and their dad wanted to give in and give them back. Mom stuck her foot down and they made it through the first two nights. From then on they have slept with no pacifiers.

The most important thing with pacifier weening is remembering that you have to stick to your guns and stay strong.


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