Coffee Time

Coffee is something that I really love but try not to drink it all the time. Caffeine has no effect on me. It doesn’t wake me up, or keep my awake. I can drink coffee any time during that day. I used to drink it at night, but recently switched to mornings.

When I get up I feel the twins breakfast then its coffee time. We have a Keurig so I let them help me make it. They will carry the coffee from the freezer and the creamer from the fridge over to me. They love helping with anything. Why not let them be involved.

After making my coffee we turn on out little bit of morning TV while I write my blog post for the day. A little bi turns into more when they want to watch Frozen for the third day in a row. This will be our only TV today.  They like the snowman.


The Perfect Cup

I have reusable coffee filters for the Keirug and fill them with Starbucks Blonde Roast Coffee, or Starbucks Christmas Espresso. I use two and a half teaspoons of ground coffee.

Once the Coffee has brewed I add some coffee creamer and enjoy.

Favorite Coffee Creamers

Coffee Mate: Coconut Creame

Coffee Mate: Peppermint Mocha

Coffee Mate: Girl Scout Cookie, Carmel Coconut

Internations Delight: Almound Joy

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