Worst Blind Date

I never liked the idea of going on a blind date but I decided to go when a good friend of mine and her husband asked me to go. I had met the guy a couple times in passing but have never really talked to him or anything. So it wasn’t completely blind.

We met at our mutual friends house and went downtown. We walked around downtown for a while and then went to my favorite Mexican restaurant Maria’s. I’m thankful we went there I was comfortable in my surroundings, he wasn’t thought. Maria’s is a bar and restaurant so it’s pretty loud in there.

I could barely hear a word he said. He was very quiet, I am not a quiet person. People think I am because I can be at first, but I wasn’t that night. I am a loud and dorky person who is also pretty opinionated. I caught part of his conversation that he was trying to make with me. I gathered information from that, that made me not very impressed with him.

He claimed to be a Christian but smoked pot all the time. His idea of a wife is someone that will always be in school and working. A wife that will bring home as much or more money than him. Someone who reads all the time and is more into work and reading than having children and a life.

Anyone who knows me knows that I want children more than anything in the world. I want to be the best mother I can be. I want to change the track of my family through my children. Raise them in a good Christian home, and show them the ways of the Lord.

We did not see eye to eye on important issues. I do not believe college is for everyone. I believe that everyone has a purpose in life and that doesn’t always include a college education. Some people are talented in different ways and they should shine where they can.

If you find yourself to be in a situation like that it is most likely not right for you. People can get a long having lots of different interest. But you cannot have different ideas on how you should live your lives. Not to mention the guy did drugs. Not cool.

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