Crazy Cat Lady

IMG_1934 I don’t claim to be a crazy cat lady at all, however I embrace the fact that I love my pet and would do anything for him. No matter what type of pet I had I would love them the way I love Harley.

IMG_0776My friends aunt found him in her back yard abandoned by his mother when when he was only two weeks old. She bottle fed him and took care of him for the first two weeks. Then one day I went to her house to see him. What girl doesn’t love seeing a kitten. I held him for a little while and when I went to put him down he cried and cried and cried. Jess already had two cats at our house and I had no intention of bringing home a cat or having the responsibility of having a pet again. Something just told me that he was mine. So Jess and I decided to take him home. It didn’t help that her little cousin say don’t let them take her to the human society and kill him.” He became mine from that moment on.

He’s a trouper he has lived in 6 different homes in two different states. He has had many car rides and two plane rides. Traveling and moving doesn’t bother him one bit.

IMG_2215He does have a couple flaws. He is afraid of most people and is a bit of a bully to the other cats in the house.

IMG_0929He loves to have fruits and vegetables as a treat. He can also sit on command, as well as go to his room when I tell him to and comes when I whistle.

IMG_0577This guy probobaly has a bigger collar/toy collection than most cats. I have has many cats throughout my life (family pets), but none have every actually liked wearing a collar or actually played with their toys.

IMG_2120I cannot believe that this guy will be 3 on July 1st. Crazy I feel like I just brought him home.

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