Top Baby Must Haves For Year 1

Boppy Pillow

0076966231451_500X500Wither you are nursing or using bottles this pillow will come in hand. They are great to lay baby on at all ages. The twins still use theirs under their heads when we change them.

Bumbo Seat

bumbo_redThese are great for core development, and as they get older they are great for snack and craft time seats. Bumbo Seats have a tray table that you can buy to attach onto it.



The twins had one similar to this. They loved it more than their walkers. I would recommend one of these over a walker if you have a kid that likes to bounce around.

Car Seat

B00AHPZY68_Mainv2The twins actually got these after they were one. However when I have kids of my own these will be the only car seat I buy they go from 5-65lbs. K falls asleep every time we get in the car its so comfortable. Not to mention that it has amazing ratings, and is the easiest car seat to ever install. It has 9 different recline positions. It is easy to recline up some someone can squeeze past it to get into the car. When we all go somewhere I have to squeeze past the car seat to get to the middle seat being that they are twins.

Swaddle Blankets

its-a-wrap-swaddling-blanketsYou can never had to many of these. Espically in the early days. Newborns love to be swaddled. They are also good to contain baby during nap time once they start to become moble. Some babies become restless and cry during nap and such because they want to move but want to sleep. Make sure you have enough to have some to use and some for the wash. Little ones like to spit up a lot.


donkeyThis particular stroller is very pricy but very nice. This model is called the bugaboo donkey it is ment for people with multiple children. It moved easily on different trainees and the girls find it to be comfortable and don’t mind walking in it at all.

Food Processor

41XbMpgIYNL._SX300_The baby bullet is nice if you do not already have a food processor or magic bullet. It works the same as the magic bullet. You will want one of these if you plan to make your own baby food. I made baby food for the twins till they were about 14 months. We made the different stages including ones with meat. (COMMENT IF YOU WANT RECOPIES)

Baby Bath Seats


You will need to different types of these before a child can take can sit in the bath on their own. The left one if for newborns and children that cannot hold their heads up on their own. The twins could use they type on the right before they could sit up on their own. It offers enough support as well as the bars all around help with slipping. The twins at 18 months can still fit in these we no longer used them though.

High Chair

High chairs are a must have. I have not found one that is my favorite yet, so I will not be putting and image of one. The twins have Mamas & Papas Apple and Grape High Chairs. I DO NOT RECOMMEND them. They look cool and modern and easy to clean. However they are not. You have to take them apart to get them really clean. They also have a lot of white and it stains when they eat spaghetti.

Baby Monitor

Video Monitor Motorola 3.5

These are amazing. Until the twins I had never watched a child with a video monitor before. They are great to be able to see sleeping or playing little ones in their beds. At nap time I love to watch the twins play and talk to each other for a few minutes before they fall asleep. With this model you can talk to them, mount the monitors on the wall and adjust the camera from the monitor.

Other baby favorites

  • bottle cleaning brush
  • bibs and burp clothes
  • books that are safe for them to chew on
  • soft toys
  • teething rings (ice toys)
  • leg warmers
  • wipe warmers
  • Hyland teething tablets
  • tummy time mat
  • baby swing

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