Book Reivew: Melissa Explains It All

photo(3)I have NEVER read a book so fast in my life. I meant this. Surprisingly I own a ton of books but and not a big reader. I am that person that keeps buying ones when I have about 30 I haven’t read more than the first 5 pages of. I like the idea of reading them. I just prefer writing more.

I also never thought that I would want to read about the life of a celebrity. I have never been much into wanting to know what life was like for a celebrity or what they are up to. I like watching them on TV.

I choose to read her book because I grew up watching her on TV reruns (I wasn’t born till 89) of Clarissa, every episode of Sabrina and now Melissa & Joey. Not to mention I have also watched most of her movies. I like this that are funny, and lets face it she is pretty funny.

Her book was very entertaining. I literately laughed out loud through the whole thing. She talks about her childhood, her different jobs, meeting her husband, and in-laws. She also talks about her struggles, and the good things. If you are a fan of her, I recommend buying this book. I may actually read it a second time in the future.

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