Old Navy Haul

I went shopping at Old Navy recently and snagged up a couple of deals. I’ve never shopped there much but I had a coupon to get $10 off when I sped $25 so really I was only spending $15. So I said why not. I don’t have many summer clothes anyways. Sadly not much in the store was on sale so I did the best I could.

photo 1

I scored this awesome tank. It was only $6 which is still a little high for a tank, but I liked it enough to get it.

photo 3Next I scored these awesome shorts for $12 I believe. I only own a a few pairs of shorts. Two of which are cut offs, a pair of khakis and a pair of plaid shorts that are so way out of style I don’t know why I still have them. So I got myself a pair of trendy-ish shorts.

photo 2(2)I went shopping with the twins and their mom, and let me tell you our Old Navy is not baby friendly. So it was a stressful trip to the store. I get stressed clothes shopping period, so there wasn’t much hope for me not to get stressed.

I hadn’t spent enough when I got to the check out. So I purchased this adorable tote bag. What girl couldn’t use another bag.

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