Sunless tanning tips

Summer is here… At least in the South.

No matter where you are or what time of year, every girl needs a bit of color here and there. I came across a couple times on Pinterest. I forgot to pin them of course and now I cannot find them. So I am going to have to just tell you about them.

The first is Coconut Oil and Cocoa Powder.

The recipe actually called for honey too however I did not have any. I mixed 1 1/2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil (melted) with 2 Tablespoons Cocoa powder. Mix until it is a whipped lotion consistency. Add more cocoa powder if you need too.


Before any experiments took place


After coconut oil mixture and before tinted lotion.

This is after I used the coconut oil mixture. I was afraid to keep it on for the full 15-20 minutes. I only kept it on for 10. I would recommend keeping it on for the full 20. It looks scary because your legs are dark and the chocolate looks streaky but the mixture does not leave any streaks.

The second experiment I tried was mixing a darker foundation than I normally wear on my face with 1 part foundation 2 parts of your favorite lotion. (I use bath and body works). Then just rub it all over. You could even mix it with your moisturizer for your face. I was again skeptical to try this, however I was extremely impressed. I just tried this today so I do not know how long it lasts, however I do know that it would be great for an evening out on the town or a pre-beach glow before your actually tan.

After tinted lotion application

After tinted lotion application

So if you are looking for a little sunless tanning action give these a try. As you can see the tinted lotion worked pretty well.

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2 Responses to Sunless tanning tips

  1. It you were looking for something that last a few days try Tanwise. It’s only $10 and you can order it from Sally Beauty. Check out my post

    • clholford says:

      Thanks for the tip. Hopefully it will help someone. However I’m allergic to most lotions. And all sunless tanning lotions I’ve tried. 😦 Once I get outside I’ll tan pretty quick while wearing Sunscreen.

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