Technology Addiction!

As most people are in today’s world I am addicted to my Iphone and Ipad more than anything else I own. I watch Netflix on my TV everyday and my phone never leaves my side. Lets get personal I even take both to the bathroom with me. I watch Netflix while I doing things from putting my make-up on to doing dishes. Usually I am more listening to it than actually watching. My phone, my poor poor phone. That thing never leaves my side. I have to charge it twice a day. I am on twitter all the time, checking who is following me and the latest in TV and celebrity gossip. I should take a break from technology because I am so addicted, but that may never happen.

Remember the days when we had to sit in the living room on the corded phone and talk to our friends in front of everyone. Or we had to use the computer in the living room with dial-up internet to check out email, then go back to playing paint. Don’t get my wrong I love my technology, but sometimes I wish things where still this way.

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