Online Dating

I don’t know about everyone, but for me it has been a struggle to meet new people. I do not like clubs. I do not like to go out by myself in general. And I haven’t made any friends in the new town I live in. So I am accentual alone. I decided that I needed to try to online date.

Being a 5’2″ blonde that has curves I get a lot of creeps messaging me. They ask me for booty calls, which I would never in a million years go on. Most of these men are also not attractive to say the least. I am sure they are to some, just not me.

I have been on a couple of dates from online dating. The first one I went on we went out for about 5 days and then ended after a heated theological debate.

The only other date I went on from online dating was with a guy who took me to a hockey game. We meet downtown first and ate, then went to the game. He was alright, however this northern girl enjoyed the hockey game way more than his company.

Neither of these experiences were bad, they just weren’t right.

To anyone thinking of online dating, christian or not. Here are a few tips I would follow:

  • talk to the person for while before meeting them
  • stalk them on some sort of social media site
  • find out as much information as possible about this person before you meet
  • talk on the phone. Don’t just text
  • know what you are looking for
  • stay true to yourself
  • and lastly make sure someone knows where you are going and has a planed emergency if you need to get out of it. GIRLS we have to be careful out there.

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1 Response to Online Dating

  1. thenarcissistwrites says:

    That’s pretty good advice. Though you know, you could always meet up at a bar. It’s an excellent place for dates, and pretty easy to escape out of if your date turns out to be a total creeper 😀

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