Doctors amongst other people say that milk is healthy for you and you should drink it every day. In fact milk is the opposite. Drinking to much milk cant break down your bones.


In order for us to get cows milk to drink, dairy cows are impregnated and once they give birth their babies are taken from them. If they are male they are put in small pins and fed a low fat liquid diet until they are big enough to be processed into veal. If they are female they are fed a GMO filled diet of filler to fatten them up quickly. Once they are big enough the process starts all over again. They cows that had just given birth and impregnated again shortly after giving birth and continuously do this until they cannot bare babies anymore where they are sent to become hamburger.

Not to mention the fact that cows have 7 stomachs to process the milk they are drinking from their mothers. We have 1 stomach that is not meant to process cows milk.

This is just the highlights of what is going on in the milk and dairy industry. If you are interested in learning more and would like a longer post comment below and I will make that happen.

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