photo(4)Six years ago, almost to the day I was the first one of my mothers children to graduation High School. Neither my mother of Father graduated so this was a big deal for me. Since my graduation my younger brothers have all graduated, except the youngest who graduates tomorrow. I wish I could have been at all of their graduations, they live in different states than I do. I am still proud of myself and each of them for this accomplishment.

I then went on to take a two year break before starting college, where I went for 3 1/3 years before I stopped. Some would ask my why, thinking that I was that close to graduation. I was not. I had only really completed about 2 years worth of school. I could not and still cannot tell you what career I want other than to be a mom. Thus I am nannying until that day comes.

Do not let others tell you what you have to do. You (and God are the only ones that knows what you are really truly good at. Listen to him and your heart before you make decisions that you will regret or do not want to do. I am glad I went to school for the period of time I did. The only semester I regret is the last one. I tried to force myself to do it and came out failing big time. I learned a lot, I took 5 English courses and learned so much about the writing process that I was never taught in middle or high school.

You can do whatever you set your mind to.

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