My Family

We each have our own family stories. All of them are going to be different, mine is no different.


My mother had my at the very young age of 17, my father was 21. Then then went on to have 3 more children together, my brothers David, Joshua, & Michael. They divorced before my brother M was born. My mother then had one more son Troy.  We all lived with our mother, grandmother, and grandfather. When my grandfather passes away my great grandmother moved in with us as well as my grandmas best friend Chris. Chris was like another grandmother to us.

As a child we had so much fun, our cousin Alec would come over with my Aunt Kelli and Uncle Rich. We would have a blast, swimming and doing any out door activity.

As of today we have lost many of our family members and added a few more. My grandpa passed away in 2001, then my father in 2002. My uncle then passed away in 2010, and mt great grandmother just last week. Our family does have three precious additions though. My Nieces and Nephew, Bella, Faythe, and little David.

Our family was anything but typical. My grandmother was from Michigan and her mother was from New York, and my Grandpa and his family was from California. Not to mention my father was Native American. You can only imagine how loud our house was growing up. I loved the noise. I actually still to this day cannot stand quiet even to sleep.

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