Food Allergies

You are not alone.

Most people have at least one food allergy, and a majority of those people do not pay enough attention to their bodies to know what those might be. For me I have I have many senitivites, and am guilty of not paying attention to them most of the time.


Yes Raspberries! I am highly allergic to them, I break out in hives and my throat even starts to close a bit if I do not take bendryl fast enough.


Dairy is one of the most common unknown food allergies in the world. Most people do not pay attention to the symptoms. I have had this allergy since I was a kid. I cannot eat much if any dairy before my stomach starts to turn. And I end up in the bathroom several times that day. Though I know this prolem I still eat it sometimes.


At the begining of the year I went Vegeterian to see if I had anyt issues with meat. It turns out that I can eat chicken and turkey without a stomach ache or trips to the batheroom, but pork and beef do a number on my.

My advice to you…

First listen to your body, and pay attention to what it is saying to you. If you feel you should see a doctor, do so. You only have one body respect it.

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