Dipression & Anxiety

I am one of the lucky ones that suffer from depression and anxiety. I have been doing great these last few weeks I will sum this up to the combination of Vitamins and supplements I have been taking.

I am taking…

Biotin (For my hair, skin and nails. Works great for eczema)
Vitamin D
Garcinia Cambogia
Cranberry (Kidney and Urinary Health)
Omega 3’s
Digestive Enzyme (For my food sensitivities)

The B12 and Vitamin D are both mood boosters. I have taken B12 since I was a child. My psychologist told my grandmother to give that to me instead of anti-depressants. It worked! I am thankful I was never put on that stuff.

What depression feels like…

When I get depressed I feel lost, alone, like I cannot do anything right. I feel like the world is coming down on me. I feel like I have failed in every way possible.

How I handle it…

I go to my room when I can. I avoid talking to people while I get through it. For me I get through it better when I get some alone time. Or if I go out and go shopping or something. I don’t have to buy, just look. I also like to take a bath, or write, or just watch TV.

What anxiety feels like…

I don’t often have anxiety attacks, but when I do its usually related to not getting out of the house enough. I have to get out a few times a week or I feel all built up and anxious. I’m sure stay at home moms and nannies know how I feel. I am not allow to take the girls places other than in our subdivision, so I don’t see many people. My body just gets overwhelmed, like things are crawling on me. I usually end up crying and hyperventilating too.

How I handle it…

When I have an anxiety attack I have to remove my clothing and pace a bit while rubbing and hugging myself. Finally I sit on my bed and stare for a while then I am fine.

This is deeply personal things that happen to my that I do not tell people about, however I am ready to share what happens to me with others o they know that they are not alone.

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