Summer Shopping Haul

My mini shopping spree happened over two weekends. I find the best deals at Belk.

photo 1(5)photo 4(1)

I found these two shirts for $2.49 each they were originally $27 a piece. They have the vintage tee shirt feel to them too!

photo 5Then I found this shirt I paid $4.47 for it and it was originally $24 it feels just as soft as the first too.

photo 3(3)This pink dress was originally $47 and I paid $7.98. And it came with a belt

photo 2(4)Its hard for me to find maxi dresses that don’t touch the ground to much., since I’m short. I found this one for a whopping $8.99 it was originally $47.

photo(6)Then I went to Forever21 and got these awesome earrings for $3

photo 2(5)I do not have enough confidince to wear this yet. I am hoping this will be motivation for me to loose the rest of the weight and get toned. Each piece was originally $20. There is no way I would of spent $40 on this bathing suite. I have one that I did, but it is Nike. I got both pieces of this suite for just under $10 at JCPenny’s.

Lastly I got something for Harley

photo 1(4)I have been eying these Martha Stewart cat collars for a long time now. I didn’t want to spend $10 on one. So when I went there today to get something else I saw them and couldn’t resist getting them. I actually paid about $2 a piece for them after additional discounts.

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