Abuse of social media

Over the course of my time using different social media sites and apps I have noticed that people take advantage of the fact that they can’t complain about what someone else has been doing, or their relationship issues. Social media is not the place to post personal problems. Everyone should keep them to themselves. The world does not need to know when you have a fight with your husband or that you are not talking to your best friend for some odd reason. It is also not a place where you ask for things every time you need them. I do not mean those people that ask for something that they do not know where to get it. I am talking about that person that does not have a job and hasn’t for some time and asks for everything from clothes for their children to a new car. They need to stop. Social media is not the place for that.

What I really want to get across more than that is things like twitter and instagram.

I have recently started following a few celebrities and YouTuber’s. I have noticed in their feeds when scrolling through so many people criticizing them for what they are doing. Cleary it is NON of your business.  You do not need to tell them things like they should have taken all of their kids some where instead of the one or two that they took for a special treat. They have their reasons and do not have to explain them to anyone.

Simply what I am trying to say is if you dont have anything nice to say dont say it at all. It is not hard to be nice to the ones around us instead of criticizing everyone around us.

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1 Response to Abuse of social media

  1. mckarlie says:

    I think the whole point of twitter is random thoughts and updates. Facebook can be annoying and to be honest I avoid it and remove people from my feed if they tend to repeatedly bitch or bore of offend. I used to fight every fight i could but now i just don’t feel the inclination, i’ve accepted that some people are going to be weird on social media and that’s ok, i don’t have to pay attention to them.

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