and… then my hair matched my eyebrows

Over the past 10 years I have died my hair many different colors. I have went black, blue, hot pink, bright red, and many shades of brown and blonde.IMG_2171

For the past year and a half I was blonde, many different shades of blonde, but blonde non the less. I actually loved it and it looked great. At least I thought so. I was born blonde and my hair was naturally blonde until I died it the first time. As most natural blondes know it was getting to the point where I was going to have to bleach it out to keep it blonde or go darker because it was looking ashy.

1437_1070542244788_990_nMy hair was this shade of brown from about my junior year till I  was 22. For my 23nd birthday I treated myself to highlights. I had never paid someone to dye my hair. 554258_4682092091277_1393571764_nIt wasn’t that light when I first got it done, as it grew out I died it lighter and lighter. I wanted to do it slowly. I wasn’t so happy in this pick because my head itched EXTREMELY bad. The hair dresser used raspberry shampoo and conditioner on my hair. I didn’t know that salon quality shampoos could contain berry, however that one did. I have EXTREMELY allergic to berries. I was leaving for vacation that night too. I was a little upset to not be feeling well. After a lot of benydrl and washing my hair a few times I was in love with my hair.

11997_10200836026483968_1797796710_nEveryone needs at least one “duck face” pic.

1558534_10203373500079222_966640098106571490_nWhen I moved from Missouri to South Carolina I chopped my hair off. It was really damaged and needed to start over. I miss my long hair every day, but I remind myself that it will grow back, and it will be healthier than before.

10330491_10203459491268948_9143762632476413998_nI went lighter one more time before I went back dark. I was going to wait til fall before I went dark however I realized my hair was starting to grow in darker and darker each time I dyed it so I went with this really awesome caramel color and…

10247306_10203714813771851_6623006172397991939_nmy hair now matches my eyebrows.

I have never dyed my eyebrows they have always been this dark.

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