Bare Minerals

I was going to label this as a first impressions, however I did not know if that was the right label. When I went to Ulta to purchase it I had the lady put some on me so I knew how to do it correctly. I wish she would have done a couple more layers and had completely did my face makeup so I knew what it was like. I think I may be one of the few people that had never really worn powdered makeup.

photo 4(2)

Ulta sells a 30 day starter kit. I wear makeup once or twice a week so this is going to last my a while. All the things shown above only cost me $20.

photo 5(3)

The starter kit includes Primer, Foundation, Concealer, Mineral Veil (finishing powder) and the two brushes.

Once I came home I wanted to try this out for myself. It was intimidating to put this on myself. I have been wearing the same makeup routine for years. Which consists of a lot of makeup to cover scaring, acne spots, and dark circles.

I wanted to give this a fare shot so I resisted putting loads of make up on and followed the steps. I first applied the prime time. and let it sit for a couple minutes. I did other getting ready things in-between the steps. Once that dried I applied my first very thin layer of the foundation, and let it sit and the did that process about 3 or 4 more times. After that I then took the little brush and went over a few spots with the concealer. I did not purchase a bronzer or blush by bare essentials yet, so I used what I already had for that step. Lastly I used the mineral veil. This is something that I was told can be used all over or in your t-zone area. I chose to use it all over.


It turned out great. It had way better coverage than I expected.

It didnt cover everything, however I had just had an extremely bad break out from some makeup that I was allergic to. When I washed my face the night after wearing this the first time. The break out had gone down almost completely. I was impressed by that.

Since I only wear makeup once or twice a week I haven’t gotten the chance to wear it again, to see if it works great the second time around. We will see Sunday after church.

A few things I like and didn’t like about this product.

I am not a huge fan that it is powder and it has the potential to be messy and get all over my makeup bag.

I don’t like that I have to apply so many thin layers instead of one layer like I did with the liquid.

I do/don’t like the fact that it feels like I am not wearing any makeup. (Its going to take some getting used to.)

I love the fact that it didn’t irritate my skin

I love the fact that it didn’t cause and eczema flare up

I like the fact that it doesn’t smell bad

I like the fact that it had great coverage once I do a bunch of layers.

and lastly I am on the fence on how time consuming it is. I should complain I wear makeup to church and the occasions I go somewhere. A perk of being a nanny you don’t have to spend to much on makeup. Unless you want to.

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