I Don’t work out…yet

I haven’t had any luck getting into share. This is going to have to change. I am going to the ocean for the first time ever in about three weeks. I want to look at least okay. I have gain almost 30lbs since I graduated high school 6 years ago. Now I know I will not loose all of that in the next three weeks, however I want to get started on it. I already eat pretty good, and don’t drink soda, and the only sugar drink I have on and average day is one cup of coffee. I am going to try to limit myself to just a couple cups a week and drink green tea in the mornings instead.

As far as getting in shape goes. I do not know how I am going to go about that. I cannot run. I have tried it, and don’t recommend me going back to trying that again at least for now. I do not have much cartilage in my left knee and I am allergic to the only medication they can give for that. I have to be careful so I can prolong having surgery as long as I can. I’ve done good so far, its been almost 15 years since we found out about it. Lets make it another 15 before I have to have surgery.

I also have a back injury that will never completely heal. I feel out of a tree when I was 13. I suffered with back pain ever since. I have 3 slipped disks two in my back and one in my neck. Again the only thing that can be really done for it is surgery, the medication I am allergic to.

WOW I’m a piece of work.

On top of all of that I have asthma, and well I’ve been really lazy most of my life so I am really out of shape and exercising wears me out after about 10 minutes. I’m ready for a nap.

My goal for today is to come up with a plan and implement it starting tomorrow.

Wish me luck

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