From Highchairs to Big Girl Chairs

Today Ms. Kennedy relaized that she can clim into the kitchen chairs. We have a high bistro table in the kitchen, so the chairs are much higher than normal. Once I realized she could do that, I made sure she could also get down.

SUCCESS! She did it.

Ms. Reagan’s turn. WOW she did it too!

I didn’t want to promote he climbing up there because she could get hurt, and they do that enough already. They are two very rough toddlers. So they have these convertible highchairs.

What it looked like to start

photo 2(3)See the piece in the center. With that there they cannot climb in on their own. So I removed it.

photo 1(4)And it looks like this.

I am going to put the 5 point harness back in once I wash them.

This made it much easier for them to climb in and out of their chairs safely. And it is fun for them.

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