Big News

I have heard some nannies say that they dread this statement, and others like me love it. There can be challenges with any type of change, but we all get through them.

Guess what?

photo 2

The twins are going to be big sisters! To one lucky little boy or girl.

I am so excited for this but really nervous also. There are many questions that are going to have to be discussed further down the road. Also it is going to be emotional for the girls to have their mom home but she will not be able to get them her full attention because she will be recovering from a c-section and taking care of a new baby. It is going to be different for me as well. The mom is going to be home for 12 week on maternity leave. By then though I will be able to get out of the house some. They are planning on putting the girls in a two day a week play group where I would take them and drop them off and pick them back up a few hours later. So I will be able to get out of the house and do stuff starting this fall with them. Maybe even sooner if I find a car.

I love children so much that it is almost hard on me that someone else is having a baby and not me. I know that I cannot have a baby yet, being that I am not married. I also get a bit sad because the girls will no longer be just them. They have never known anything different than having a sister, since they are twins. At 20 months they are pretty decent at playing together and sharing. They are very rough though. They through each other on the ground and wrestle like they are little boys. I know that they will be great big sisters and helpers. They love to help already, and every time they see a baby they tell everyone to be quiet.

My prediction is that they are having another girl. I have a 50/50 shot of being right so we will see in 4 weeks.

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