I’m gonna miss this house


Every morning when I wake up I get to look out my bedroom window and see all these trees. South Carolina is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Living somewhere where there are this many trees again has been wonderful.

On Wednesday we got an email that the people who own this house will be moving back to this house from China September 1st. H&R were planning on staying in this house another 6 months or so while they took their time to look and buy. Now they have to find something to either buy or rent and we have to be moved in no latter than August 31st. That’s just over a month and a half.

That is a lot of pressure on everyone. I am going to be working extra hours every day until they find something. Which I don’t mind, but it sucks that they have this kind of pressure on them.

I am praying that they find something soon.

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