Cleaning… not my friend

I used to hate doing the dishes until I found dish soap that I wasn’t allergic to. 


Target has a great line of Method products that are all all natural and smell great. 

I also have to do dishes several times a day, so I got used to it. 

Laundry also used to be on the list of chores that I couldn’t stand to do. Again I have to do them all of the time so you get used to it. 

My current least favorite chore has always been my least favorite. It is cleaning my room. I do not mind cleaning any other room, but my bedroom. I’m not a fan of keeping it clean. I have a hard time keeping it that way with all of my crafting stuff and living room stuff also in my bedroom. 

I used to live in an apartment, with a couple friends of mine so I have more than just a bedrooms worth of funiture. I also have a full set of Christmas decorations, a bunch of kitchen stuff, and more. Having all the stuff I have makes it hard to keep it clean and tidy, also by the time I am done with everything I do during the day I am to tired to clean anymore. I just want to blog, craft, or sleep. 

When I do get around to cleaning my room, I like to blare the music and dance around while I do it. I also like to move the furniture around when I do it. I like to change rooms around. Keeping them the same way is no fun at all. 

Whats your least favorite chore?

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