Colbie Caillat – Try

This video has been floating around Facebook for a couple of weeks now. Today I finally got my phone to load it. This is one of the best music videos that I have watched in a long time.

I am glad someone made a video, of exactly how I feel. I have felt this way about Photoshop and having to wear makeup all of the time. I have felt this way even more since I moved to the South and I get stair when I go the the grocery store without makeup. I should not have to wear makeup at all let alone to the grocery store. Who am I trying to impress. I do wear makeup to church and to dinner. But I choose to wear it then. I like the way it looks. Does it make me feel better, yes. However I am comfortable with the way I look without makeup on. I do not mind going anywhere without putting it on.

I have even been known to go to church and on a date without it. People should except you for who you are and not for who the TV says you should be.

Thank you Colbie Caillat for making this song and video it is nice to know that people like us are not alone.

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