Never Judge a Book by it’s Cover

photo 2 (19)All of my life I have been labeled as the typical “white girl” little did anyone know I am not full white. I did not tell people till I was in my 20’s that I wasn’t white. I never wrote my true ethnicity on anything that asked.

Growing up I didn’t know my father, I only knew of him. I saw pictures and had a few faint memories from when I was under 4.

I did not understand the benefits I could have had if I were to tell people who I really was. Now that I am older I have to spend hundreds of dollars to get documented prof of who I am. When I was a child it would have been much easier to prove.

Being someone who was naturally Blonde as a kid, with green eyes people to this day do not believe me that my Father was 1/2 Native American. I am not sure what my natural hair color is anymore. I have started dying it this color to match the natural color of my eyebrows. My brother received a copy of our father’s death certificate. The state of Michigan will not release one to me because I do not live there.

What most people do not know is not all Native Americans have dark hair and dark skin. Just like and Race we come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. People not believing me about who I am hurts. People making comments about Mexicans, Native Americans, African Americans, or any other culture hurts me. My brothers are either Native American or Mexican. My step father is African American. Race should not be an issue.

To this day, I have come clean and told many people who I am. Most people do not believe me. They do not believe that I am Native American. People also do not believe that my youngest brother is half Hispanic. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. Apparently the blonde gene is extremely strong in my family.

My brothers and I do not get sun burnt, we only tan. I actually get really tan just buy spending an hour in the sun. I try not to go out often, because I do not want the sun to age me. We also all have a mix of soft and courser hair. Its not like African American hair, but it has more texture to it. Its also extremely frizzy.

Out of all 4 of us with the same father only one of us looks like we are Native American. My brother David, two out of three of his kids look like him and the other has blonde hair and blue eyes.

God makes each and everyone of us individually. We are created to look like us. Not like anyone else. Now we do have similarities to our family members. For me I resemble my Mom’s, Dad’s, Mom. Someone I have never met and only seen a couple of pictures of. My whole childhood I was also told that I was just like her. They told me that I was her reincarnated. Now I do not believe in reincarnation, however I do believe that God can make people like relatives who have passed.

I have friends of many differences, it is important not to judge them on how they look or act. You do not know where they have come from, or what they are going through.

This brings me to a recent article that I read about they way people dress in church. When someone comes into church wearing a tank and a mini skirt with heals. You do not know if they have just gotten clean. You do not know if that is the nicest thing they own. You do not know what they are going through. People need to quit judging other people for what they are wearing, what they are doing, what they are saying. We are all human, and you have no idea what they are going through. You have no idea where they have come from. You have no idea what those comments and stare do to someone.

So next time you look at someone do not judge anything about them. Find something nice about everyone you look at. For example you see that women walk into church with the mini skirt and tank on. Maybe she has cute shoes on, maybe her shirt has a nice pattern, maybe she has a nice smile. It doesn’t matter what it is, find something nice in everyone.

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