I find vlogging very fascinating. Withing the next couple of months my goal is to start vlogging. I have read so many tips and tricks. Now I am not going to go out a buy a new camera or lighting equipment just to start out. For one I cannot afford it, also I do not know if I am going to like it or not.

What I am going to do is make up about a dozen videos before I start posting this way I will be ahead of the game. We are moving within the next month and a half, so I have a lot on my plate already. I also have an Etsy page that I have to have my fall line ready to go up by September 1st. Lets hope I can get everything done I need to.

I want to find passion for something again, so I am going to give vlogging a try. I love editing videos so making them might work to. I want to remain realistic in my videos, I am not much of a makeup wearer, so I will not always be wearing any or just a small amount. I wear my hair up most of the time, so I would like to stick with that in some of the videos. I also wear sweats all the time, I am a nanny. I do not see the point in wearing my good jeans and getting them dirty in 5 minutes. So I may be wearing sweats in some videos.

I will not be filming the kids, You may see the back of their heads or their feet here and there, but as a wish to their parents I do not put any pictures of their faces on any social media site. They parents have never even posted a pic of them on their Facebook. You will most likely see the over abundance of cats in this house. Only one is mine (Harley) the other 3 belong to the people I work for.

We will see, I may or may not like doing it. Everything is worth giving a try at least once in life. If I hate it after the first one I may not continue, or I may try a few more. If I go live with the vlogs I will post them in here as well as youtube.

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