Embrance you

We all know I do not get out much. Being a live in nanny I do not even get to the grocery store much. I try to make it to Church every week, and it usually happens, though I have not found THE Church yet. Once I find THE CHURCH I will feel better and be able to setting in.


Society has also put in everyones heads that we have to look and act a certin way. I had my hair blonde, for so long because everyone liked it that color. I liked it alright but I am much happier being brunette. I feel like myself. Magizines show us that women have to be 5″5′ , blonde, stacked, with perfectly straight white teeth. If you are naturally stacked thats great, if you are 5″5′ thats awesome. If you are blonde embrace it. I was blonde as a kid and loved it. If you have perfectly straight white teeth, your just lucky. God did not make us to all look the same. He created me to be 5″2′ green eyes, a size 4/6 and DD, I was blonde when I was a kid and it has gotten darker as I have gotten older. I started dying it at a young age so it is grey in a lot of places, so I now only dye it to match my eyebrows. I have a gap between my slightly tinted teeth, I also wear glasses. Until recently I never embraced the fact that these things make up me. They do not make up someone else. I do not have to look like anyone but me.

Yes I can still wear makeup, or whatever I want. I can curl my hair, or dye it. I can still do the things I love. I just have to do it because I like it, not because I am trying to not be myself.

I have heard so many people come to this conclusion about being me, and they completely change everything about themselves, what they wear and do. I can respect this, however I have seen to many of these people say that they have come to this conclusion and then they change who they are all together, to find out they were just copying someone different.

I challenge you to figure out who you are on the outside.

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