The though of dating

I have tried the online dating thing. I went on a few dates, none of them were great. Only one got a second date, and that was almost a year ago. I have this app on my phone that is a free dating site thing. Well every time I look at my matches or the people I have messaged me I get a lot of guys who are 21 who message me. I want to message them back and say “do you realize i’m almost 25” or to the guys who aren’t Christians and message me for a booty call. REALLY my profile says Christian. READ IT!

Just from looking at the people on the online dating, reading all the profiles, and the thought of going out to meet people just makes me sick and nervous. I love people most of the time. I am not an outgoing person at first. I have to get to know people before I am. So I come off as this really shy or snobby person when really I’m just thinking and observing.

I have also started this new thing where I talk way to much when I see anyone who isnt a toddler. So I do not want to scare a guy away.

In order for me to find someone to marry God is going to have to drop them in front of me, and make them like me. He did that with my best friend he can do that with my husband. I am ready when he is, but the thought of me going out on my own to do this is so nerve wrecking I want to curl up in a ball and cry.

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