20lbs in 5 months


You read that right. I did in dead loose 20 lbs in the last 5 months. I have been asked how I did it over and over again. It has actually been a year long struggle to lose the weight, once I got it to start coming off It really came off. I just had to find what worked best for me.

At the beginning on the year I went completely vegetarian for 3 months and since then I have been and on and off vegetarian. I have circumstances beyond my control as to why I am on again and off again. But being a vegetarian doesn’t mean that that I ate healthy. I just quiet eating meat and kept eating junk.

I have not been much of a soda drinker for a long time. The occasional soda is usually a lemon lime or ginger ale drink. I do drink coffee but I cut back to a couple times a week from a couple times a day. I still drink some tea and juice but not often.

For the most part my secret is portion control and limiting the amount of junk I eat. I have never been one to cut something like a dessert completely out of my diet. So I indulge once in a while rather than all the time. If I choose something small like a mini candy bar I will actually allow myself one or two a day.

Something that I wasn’t doing that I did when I was younger is I went back to eating 5-6 small meals instead of 3 bigger ones. The days that I know I can only do 3 meals I have my bigger ones for breakfast and lunch. Dinner is always the smallest meal and never after 8 pm.

So my secrets are things that I’m sure you have all heard over and over again. Yes I lost the weight in 5 months. But that was after 7 months of failed attempts.

My plans are to stat a mild exercise routine with some yoga and strength training, however that may still be a ways out. I am doing all of this on my own time.

Lastly I have been getting criticism for announcing that I lost 20 lbs. Even people who are “skinny” by some standards may need to loose weight, and sometimes that may be more than you think. I am naturally a small person and under went a lot of stress over the last few years which caused me to put on 20 pounds. Within less than 2 years I went from 115 to 135. For someone who is just under 5’2″ that is on the higher end for my build. But most importantly I didn’t feel well physically, or mentally. Even skinny people can be self continuous.

I am sick of people telling me that skinny people cannot have body issues. We are Women and we all have them from time to time. Even us women of God have them. We know our creator created us in his image, but we sometimes need a reminder or a push to help us along.


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